Audio Video Technology Entrepreneur, Baird Hall of Wavve is on the Positive Phil Podcast

Wavve makes it easy to create custom branded, animated videos from uploaded or recorded audio-

Make Your Audio Stand Out with Wavve Social Video Cards.
It’s no secret that audio doesn’t share well. However, the average video post on social media generates 135% greater organic reach when compared to photos, audio and other media posts. Wavve makes it easy to turn uploaded or recorded audio into social videos that auto-play on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Press play on a few samples or try it with a free test account.

Since graduating from Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Communication, Baird has been working in tech. He started his career at a publicly traded company specializing in nonprofit software. He was quickly recruited to join Omatic, a high-growth startup providing data integration solutions for non-profit organizations. As one of the first employees at Omatic, he spent 4 years working across all aspects of sales & marketing helping Omatic to grow into a 50 person team & Inc. 500 fastest growing company. Baird founded Wavve in 2016 and handles everything from sales to front-end web development.

Twitter: @bairdhall

Wavve Twitter: @wavve
– The story behind Wavve is pretty interesting… spent 1 year working on social audio app, Wavve as it stands today was actually an internal tool we built for ourselves.
– Went from Publicly Traded Software Company, to Startup, to Startup Founder.

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