CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation Entrepreneur Craig Klein CEO and Founder of SalesNexus.Com is On the Positive Phil Podcast

Craig Klein is the Founder and CEO of, a leading web based CRM, marketing automation and lead generation solution for sales teams from 10 to 100.  

Craig has written several popular books including “Inside-Out Selling, Forget Technique, Know Your Customer”, “Grow Sales with Emails – 7 Simple Steps Salespeople Can Take Today” and the recent “Email Marketing for Sales Teams – Best Practices”.  Craig is a contributor to Small Business Today Magazine, Premier Agent Magazine, The Customer Collective and He has appeared as a featured speaker at the Digital Marketer’s Email World 2013, TEANA 2012 Conference, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Executive Summit 2015 and many other exhibitions and conferences.

Craig’s the father of 3 beautiful children.  He’s an avid sailor, hunter and skier.  When he’s not growing SalesNexus or writing, he’s probably planning his next adventure to somewhere you’ve never heard of.


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