Fashion Entrepreneur, Founder of Vienne Milano is on the Business Motivation #Podcast

Vienne Cheung is an entrepreneur and independent professional. Throughout her career, her passion has been to see products come to life, from concept to market. She has served a variety of clients, from international corporations, to startups, to nonprofit organizations, focusing on marketing and product management. Her personal interests include fashion and automobiles. Originally from Hong Kong, she lives in Boston where she focuses on VienneMilano.

About VienneMilano
VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of their products are made in Italy.

Frustrated by the inability to find a wide variety of luxury hosiery in the USA, Vienne decided to step up to the challenge: leave her comfortable but ultimately pointless corporate job, and put all her efforts into developing VienneMilano. A long period of intense work followed, but one year later, VienneMilano’s first collection was born. Only love can last forever, but VienneMilano stockings will last quite a bit longer than ordinary hosiery!

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