Founder and CEO of Spatially, Hillit Meidar-Alfi…We chat about the Entrepreneurial Journey

Hillit Meidar-Alfi has been challenging the status quo for as long as she can remember. From being labeled a devil’s advocate in high school to a contrarian in college, she refused to go with the flow or accept things as they are. Delving into and exploring what others take for granted, Hillit thrivde when creating innovative, logical, and elegant solutions. She considers herself a visionary. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before she started her own company.

As a trained architect with over ten years of experience, she has worked internationally on projects in countries including Japan and France, as well as with Hillier, the award-winning firm in Princeton, New Jersey. Hillit has also worked in the health care industry, housing, and urban design. As a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, she led seminars on planning urban infrastructure systems. While there, she noticed that available methods unnecessarily restricted users’ ability to gain knowledge to make better decisions—too much of the answer is already baked into the question, and there is little room for discovery. Hillit envisioned a customizable planning solution that’s able to evaluate many infrastructure systems across geographic boundaries. At the same time, it must take spatial relationships into account, ultimately giving users across different disciplines the information and knowledge they need to make better decisions for themselves, their companies, and their clients. That is why she created Spatially, a tech startup that provides location-based services.

As founder and CEO of Spatially, Hillit oversees the company and ensure that it furthers her vision to be the leading geospatial analytics and solutions provider. She develops and implements overall growth strategies and those of the company’s models and products, conducts research, and establishes client relationships.
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