Increase Performance Through Self-Awareness

Lynn Carnes is an Executive Leadership Coach who inspires and equips corporate leaders to increase performance through self-awareness. The leaders who work with Lynn reclaim their lives while also becoming a force to be reckoned with at work. Business is changing faster than ever. Corporate Executives often lose themselves in the constraining environment of having to be leaders through decisions they didn’t make and the ambiguity that comes with constant change. Lynn Carnes helps teams and individuals cultivate their sense of purpose, courage and clarity so that they create space in their lives to focus on what matters, both at work and at home.

• The Next Year Now is all about uncovering everyday, purposeful habits and practices to help you thrive at work and in life.

Next Year Now interviews world class experts and thought leaders like Adam Grant, Tom Rath, Chip Conley, and Geoff Woods, to uncover the habits and practices that will help you to thrive at work and in life.

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Again, that’s The Next Year Now Podcast with Tom Heffner
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