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This is a new TV show and Children’s Educational content business that is set to air on Amazon Prime, Joel Daniel is a Lawyer turned Kids’ TV show host!  


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To make Hoot Quarters accessible to all children, The Hoots decided to make a film series staring Oliver. As musicians, they had no idea what they were getting in to; no member of the band had ever picked up a video camera, and Oliver thought video cameras were a type of teleportation device! But, they started slowly and worked really hard.  After two years they have accumulated hours of footage addressing countless lessons (Oliver is just about always up to something)! They consider this footage the pilot season of Hoot Quarters – a show named after the tree house The Hoots built and Oliver now calls home.  

In the show, children are invited to join The Hoots as they teach simple lessons about music, education, and healthy living – all while demonstrating the powerful influence of friendship.  Episodes are shot in the same style as their music: to be enjoyable to the young and older. The video production style is intentionally quaint and retro. This is partly due to budget (they are 100% self-funded and could not afford Hollywood-like production quality even if they wanted to), but also because The Hoots want their audience to know who they really are.  A slightly vintage aesthetic matches their personality better than any Hi-Def. blockbuster could, and hopefully feels more authentic to their viewing friends as well.

The Hoots hope that the show Hoot Quarters will allow them to bring valuable lessons and fun music into the homes and lives of families across the globe.  Join them for their pilot season soon!

After spending just a little time with Oliver, two things became abundantly clear to The Hoots: 1) he is extremely lovable, and 2) he has some rather curious views. Specifically, he 

In 2012, The Hoots decided to build a new practice space and spot to hang out. They thought a tree house would be fitting, and found the perfect tree for their house at an undisclosed Sacramento park. Fortuitously (since the Hoots had named themselves after the rad sound an owl makes), there was a purple owl named Oliver T. Owl already living in the tree they chose! Oliver decided to move into The Hoots’ new tree house; it was a bit fancier than the knothole abode he had been occupying. Together, they named their tree house Hoot Quarters.  

The Hoots are a band from Sacramento, California. They write and perform original music for the young and older (seriously). Their sound is fun and whimsical, and their songs include lessons that never speak down to the audience, but that listeners of all ages appreciate and enjoy.  The Hoots have sold thousands of albums and have received international acclaim, receiving numerous accolades including a prestigious Parent’s Choice Award.  

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