Luxury Car Entrepreneur Bora Hamamcioglu is on the Business Podcast

Bora Hamamcioglu is a US based Turkish entrepreneur with a mission to democratize access to one of his own passions: luxury cars – for the sophisticated and cost savvy consumer. Prior to launching CarHopper, Bora worked in consulting and finance. He graduated from Georgetown University with a Masters in Real Estate and Finance, and has a degree in Management from Bentley University.

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Alvaro Vaselli


Nuvanna LLC is an online startup that helps consumers live a more balanced life, beginning with a supremely comfortable mattress for a good night’s rest — a key ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Joining the rapidly growing online retail channel for sleep products, Nuvanna’s premium offerings contain the latest innovations in sleep technology for exceptional comfort, quality, performance and durability. Launched in 2016, Nuvanna draws its inspiration from Founder and CEO Alvaro Vaselli, a business leader and innovator in the material science and sleep products industry for over 20 years.


• Founded Nuvanna, an online premium branded sleep products DTC company

• Drove a record $30 million profit improvement for Foamex/FXI through new business model transformation, and by leveraging pricing, product-mix and productivity improvements

• Repositioned Foamex/FXI as the most innovative supplier in its industry, generating $20 million of new product sales in less than six months

• Achieved $20 million in new channel revenue for retail and healthcare, with projected $100 million potential in three years

• Led $25 million company-wide ERP transformation with complete business process redesign under the SAP platform, taking project from start to “go-live” in 16 months for all 17 locations

• Completely re-designed business strategy for Personal Care Division and re-invigorated relationship with $150 million customer for a $1billion leader in plastic films manufacturing

• Locked-in $120 million in sales and $25 million in profit by renegotiating a three-year contract with a large bedding manufacturer

• Generated $80 million in new sales within 4 years for the start-up of ARCO Brazil



After spending over a decade in the wellness and personal growth industry, Carolyn knows that everyone can create A Totally KickAss Life! She guides people on their path to healthy bodies and relationships as well as reconnecting to their greater Purpose. By teaching her clients how to incorporate daily habits that create measurable results, she has seen clients lose 100 pounds, completely shift careers, and heal important family relationships. Carolyn has incorporated over a decade of training as a Life Coach, Personal Trainer,Entrepreneur, Athlete, Mother, Nutritionist, Yogi, Executive Leadership coach, and Artist into several Signature Systems that her clients use to consistently get amazing results!

What Are You Thankful For
-I am thankful for being able to combine my personal and professional experiences into a new business with the purpose of helping people live a more balanced life, starting with better sleep.

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

-I’m trying hard not to make any. Sacrifice by definition takes you off balance.

Create the ability for everyone on Earth to be unreasonably happy for an undetermined amount of time. The ripple effect would change the world forever.

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