Nutrition Entrepreneur Ernie Pang, founder of SimplyEight is on the Positive Phil Show

Ernie Pang is on the Positive Phil Podcast. After working in packaged goods innovation and marketing for 20 years, Ernie decided to bring a new concept to consumers. In 2013, he created a brand called JUNKLESS® with a philosophy of providing minimally processed packaged foods for consumers who want simplicity and familiar kitchen pantry ingredients. With a team of 4, Ernie created a line of chewy granola bars. They are now sold in select retail stores like Kroger, ShopRite, HyVee and Lucky Supermarket.

Prior to this startup, Ernie was a marketing executive at several consumer packaged goods companies, where he helped commercialize and test new products in the marketplace. Those organizations include two notable food giants — the Kellogg Company and the Slim-Fast Foods Company.

He earned his MBA from York University in Toronto, Canada. When he’s not creating simple food products or helping other companies innovate, Ernie is an active player in ice hockey leagues, skiing and music.
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