Photography Entrepreneur Peter Alessandria, a Multi-Award Winning Artist Chats With Positive Phil

Peter was born and raised in New York City and Long Island. After attending law school, he moved to Los
Angeles to pursue a career as an entertainment attorney. Today he is an award-winning internationallypublished,
fine art, portrait and commercial photographer based in the New York City area.
Peter spent the first part of his work life as an entertainment and intellectual property attorney in Los
Angeles. Working in the film and television industries sparked his own interest in creativity and in the
early 2000’s he began working with digital video and became an amateur filmmaker. But it wasn’t until
he picked up a digital SLR still camera for the first time in 2004, that his full creative passion for imagemaking
came into being.
Like many people, things changed dramatically for Peter in 2008. That year, as a result of the Global
Financial Crisis, he lost his law practice. In the days and weeks that followed he struggled with the
question of what to do with the rest of his life. It was only after much deliberation that he decided to
follow his passion for photography, and in late 2009, he began pursuing photography full-time.
Peter finds inspiration mostly in the work of other photographers – and not necessarily the famous ones.
Rather, it is his peers, many of whom he connects with on social media, that inspire Peter to go out and
try new things or shoot in new locations. This connecting with others has helped fuel his creativity
greatly over the last several years.
As both a photographer and filmmaker Peter’s intent is simple: create compelling images that appeal to
his own sense of beauty and aesthetics. His goal is to use his art – and his life – to inspire others. He
shares his photos in the hopes of touching people’s hearts and minds in positive and uplifting ways.
See all Peter’s work and read more about his story on his website:

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