Purposeful Millionaire Author and Ceo James Nowlin Chats with Positive Phil

A survivor of a childhood riddled with domestic violence and alcoholism in the rural foothills of southern Virginia, James R. Nowlin is now the CEO and founder of executive consulting firm, Excel Global Partners (EGP). He founded the company in 2007 and has since completed engagements in 15 countries and in more than 20 states. He is also about to release his first book,The Purposeful Millionaire, a guidebook of 52 rules that teaches people about mastering the millionaire mindset and how to get the most out of life – doing more, living more and achieving more!

James, 36, overcame his early traumatic experiences and put himself through college at the University of Virginia as a pre-med student, one year of medical school at Howard University and three years of law school at Duke University — but ultimately, he decided that a career in the medical or legal fields was not for him. “I used to think that you had to be the Huxtables to be successful,” he says of his favorite TV show growing up — the only role models he had growing up. “But now I know there is another path that is my calling.”

Throughout his adult life, James has used his daily habits and purposeful mindset to become a millionaire businessman, speaker and author. At the age of 31, he also survived near impossible odds in a drowning accident and considers this event this second awakening.

Learn more about James at: www.JamesNowlin.com

Take a look at James’s video of him introducing his book, The Purposeful Millionaire at:

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