Resident and CEO of Let Mommy Sleep, Denise Stern Is On The Positive Phil Podcast

Resident and CEO of Let Mommy Sleep, Denise Stern has been advocating for and helping parents as they bring their new babies home from the hospital for the first time since 2010.

Born from a very personal need for care when her identical twins were born and her son was just 18 months old, Denise’s company Let Mommy Sleep provides overnight care to newborns and evidence based education to their parents.

Due to the overwhelming response to her service and being the Industry Leaders in Best Practices,  Denise’s company has grown from 1 location in Washington DC to offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Jersey and is on pace to continue expansion nationwide.  

With health care and maternity/paternity leave completely up in the air right now in the US, Denise’s next goal is to make postpartum and newborn care visits a national standard of care.

Denise is also the founder of the companies sister non-profit, Mission Sleep which provides the overnight newborn care service for free to military and first responder families who have a  parent who is deployed, wounded or deceased.

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Denise was the US Chamber of Commerces’ Featured Woman in Business in 2013:

The Associated Press wrote about our franchising efforts in 2016:

We were the only newborn care providers invited to participate in the White House Summit for Working families (2014):

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Denise was 2016’s Mother of the Year via Washington Family Magazine.

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