The Anchor Who’s Hosted MSNBC Show Longer Than Any Other Woman

The Anchor Who’s Hosted MSNBC Show Longer Than Any Other Woman

JJ Ramberg is the co-founder of  and the host of msnbc’s Your Business.

For the last 10 years, Ramberg has hosted a successful show called “Your Business.” She is MSNBC’s longest serving female host and second only to Chris Matthews. She’s written a book. Oh, and in her spare time, the Stanford business school grad started her own company.  We, here at Mediaite, wanted to know how she has been able to pull it all off.

After graduating from Duke University, Ramberg became a receptionist for NBC’s Nightly News, and then was an associate producer for Dateline before shipping off to California to complete her MBA at Stanford University. After that, she had a stint at CNN as business reporter before landing at NBC.

“The success of the show is based on the authenticity of it. We really understand what its like to run a small business. All of the exciting parts and the challenges that’s why we relate to our audience,” she said.

While her television career was in full swing, Ramberg also managed to find time to start a company with her brother Ken Ramberg. is a search engine for shopping deals that donates 50 percent of revenue to the charities and schools. She says she came up with the idea while reporting for CNN in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

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