Singing Portraits App was inspired by Jason Paris, a dad, a musician, music producer & IT professional

Inspired by Jason Paris, a dad, a musician, music producer and IT professional when his daughter Abbie turned three years old. Akin to a handmade card or a portrait, they set out to make a unique gift for her Nanna’s 64th birthday. With no proper basics on singing, three-year-old Abbie sang the first singing portrait, which was aptly When I’m Sixty Four.  On Nanna’s birthday, Abbie’s song track did not fail to deliver; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

To hear the first singing portrait starring Abbie at soundcloud click here. Since then, Jason Paris decided to produce a mobile app for both Android and iOS for other families to who wish to create a memorable and heartfelt song chronicles of their children growing up. Singing Portraits is committed to helping families and educators create memorable keepsakes for loved ones. Pitch: Most parents will agree the most meaningful gifts from their children are the simple ones. It’s any shared experience: a child’s face upon discovering something new, it’s the first ball caught, the first cupcake frosted, the carefully drawn picture of an otherwise normal day, now exalted, that will hang on your refrigerator for years to come. It’s those experiences and shared gifts of expression that create the most meaningful family memories. It is also the impetus behind creating Singing Portraits, developed by a dad, a musician and music teacher after he and his 3 year old daughter set out to create something special for her Nanna’s birthday.

They produced a song, starring young Abbie and on Nanna’s birthday, it left no eye dry in the room. Inspired by the response, Singing Portraits was developed as an easy-to-use, virtual music studio, designed for young children to sing, record and send a personal musical greeting cards to their loved ones. Perfect for the dad or grandfather that has everything, except maybe more quality time. Please continue on… Singing Portraits, a Personalized Musical Greeting Card Maker Designed for Children as Young as Three (to make a Father’s/Grandfather’s Day Gift) Los Angeles/NSW Australia – (May 25, 2017):  Singing Portraits® Pty Ltd announces the arrival of their first mobile app product, Singing Portraits. Your star is already born! Let them shine even brighter for mom, dad, grandparents or friends of the family.  Akin to a handmade card in sentimental value, Singing Portraits is a personalized musical greeting maker that allows your child, as young as three, to professionally record a song with easy-to-follow, step-by-step prompts. It takes only minutes. Once your keepsake is recorded it can be emailed or posted on social media for loved ones. Perfect memento for loved ones who cannot always be there for holidays or as a way to document childhood milestones. Here’s how it works. Download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay here. No prior knowledge of studio recording or singing is necessary. Simply choose your song, enter the virtual recording studio and follow the line-by-line directions. Unlike Karaoke, if you’re not happy with a verse, just re-record it. With a click on the app, compile your child’s song and email it to be shared it with friends and family.

According to Singing Portraits founder, Jason Paris, “As a former music teacher, the app is also a great way to build confidence in children. I’m not sure what’s most special? Watching the families touching response to their child’s song or witnessing the child’s excitement and self worth soar.”

Leigh Madrid, mom, and publisher of Speculative 66 says, “LARF! Our daughters, Elora and Izzy love this app. They recorded songs for their grandparents and for my brother who is stationed overseas and had such a wonderful time. The best part was when Elora began ignoring the prompts to sing Katy Perry instead. We were going to wait to send them out for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but we just couldn’t help but share them early.” Singing Portraits features songs for birthdays, holidays, kids pop, and nursery rhymes. The app is available at iTunes on iOS for iPhone and iPad (8.0 or later) or Andoid at Googleplay.

The first song is free, $1.99 unlocks access to all the songs. Contact me for a free guest code, please specify either iOS or Android.
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